[osg-users] osgversion command fails with symbol lookup error on new clone of OpenSceneGraph 3.5.5 on Linux

Curtis Rubel crubel at compro.net
Tue Oct 11 10:31:58 PDT 2016


After cloning out a copy of OpenSceneGraph 3.5.5 from GitHub, 
and running cmake with default options, then enabled building
of examples and documentation on Linux only.

After clean build with no errors, running make install;sudo ldconfig

osgversion command fails with the following results:

osgversion: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib64/libosgDB.so.145: undefined symbol: _ZN11OpenThreads6Thread20setProcessorAffinityERKNS_8AffinityE

Actually seems all the default built binaries fail with the same error.

Are there some other cmake flags, defines or compile options that need to be specified before compiling 3.5.5 and have it run properly on 64bit Linux?

If more data is needed, just let me know what/how to get it for you
and I will do my best to get it.


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