[osg-users] Not able to render the 3D model using C++ program

Uma Devi Selvaraj umaselvam1503 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 02:05:24 PDT 2016


 I have tried simple c++ program to render 3d models. with that program I am not able to render large size 3D models(.dxf,.3ds,.obj,.ply). I am able render small size models. 

This is my code.
/*header files*/

osg::ref_ptr<osg::Node> root;
	root = osgDB::readNodeFile("cow.osg");
	osgViewer::Viewer viewer;

	return viewer.run(); 

Can somebody tell me the reason why I am not able to render the large size 3D model. I have attached model. 


Thank you!


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