[osg-users] Qt3D 2.0 vs OSG

Konstantin Podsvirov konstantin at podsvirov.pro
Wed Oct 26 01:10:02 PDT 2016

Hello, Andrew!

26.10.2016, 02:41, "Andrew Cunningham" <andrewc at mac.com>:
> Hi,
> We are having a bit of an internal argument about using OSG as a 3.4 scene graphs: the scene graph in QT3D2.0 (5.7 QT) QT for a Windows/C++ widget app. We are already familiar with OSG 3.3 in a Windows/MFC application - that's obviously a reason to use OSG. QT3D 2.0 But seems quite easy to use as well. Maybe someone has more experiences with the Pros/Cons.
> Andrew
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> Read this topic online here:
> http://forum.openscenegraph.org/viewtopic.php?p=69158#69158

A few years ago, I experimented with Qt3D 1.0, but it functions for me then not enough.
I went to OSG and am using it now. The OSG project is developing for many years and he has a lot of possibilities.
Qt3D 2.0 is very much changed, but I don't use it actively.

Which compiler for Windows do you use?

Versions of the libraries that you specified match the environment I use.

You can try it now for MSVC2013 Windows:




More information on the project's website "DaD's House":


Konstantin Podsvirov

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