[osg-users] a linux dialog starting to blur while draging towards to an OSG QT widgets

Lv Qing donlvqing at msn.com
Tue Nov 29 08:57:45 PST 2016


    we have integrated an osgViewerQT window to a QT based app.

    There are four subWindows  in our app,one is  an osgViewerQT widget,the others are normal QT widgets.

   We forced the osgViewerQT viewer running under a slow frames,about 10FPS.

   Then we drag any other linux dialog to the osgViewerQT widget,the linux dialog becomes blur.If we drag  the  linux dialog to the other three QT widgets,it dose not blur.

  it seems the slower the osgViewerQT widget running ,the much it blur。

  We do this experiment because we have ran the osgViewerQT window with a complex scene.It is very hard to maintain the frames when a lot things are running.So we do not want  the performance of  an osg scene influence other linux dialogs's updating.

   A 10FPS osg scence is acceptable,but a blur dialog means bad User Experience:).

   So any advice?Is it something about double buffer setting?


Thank you!


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