[osg-users] Fwd: Unstable passive stereo on Quadro using Quadbuffer

ZJ Tian tianzjyh at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 01:40:37 PST 2016

Hi, guys,

I encountered a trouble with passive stereo using quadbuffer.

The 3D effect is not stable----
sometimes I can get a correct 3D vision, but other times it seems that  the
left frame and the right frame had been reversed, which can be corrected by
reversing my polaroid-glass. The result randomly varied every time when
restarted the app.;

Here is the environment I am using:
        GraphicCard  Nvidia Quadro M2000
        Display            HP Zvr Virual Reality Display
        Glass               Polaroid glass

        Display Hz       120Hz
        GraphicCard    Stereo Enabled
                                   Stereo Type Common Stereo
                                   3D Display Enabled

    Software Config
        osg::DisplaySetting  stereo enabled
                                             stereo type QUAD_BUFFER
        GUI                              QT5.7

I am confused, since it should NOT have happened: The OSG knows the left
buffer and right buffer, and it should send them to graphic card correctly.
And the card should not mistake these two buffers when sending them to the
display device either. But then which is the problem?

I tried google but found nothing relative.

Anybody who has confronted this trouble?
Thanks for any hints.

- - -
tianzjyh at gmail.com
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