[osg-users] Rendering Model in color

David Heitbrink david-heitbrink at uiowa.edu
Thu Nov 3 10:30:11 PDT 2016

Two places where I have personally seen such issues, one from using code ported using an older version of OSG, the other was shader/driver differences between computers. 

If I remember some methods for setting color were removed moving from version 3.0 to 3.2, and I had some code where the incompatible line was commented out, and not changed.

The with the shaders, basically I had a shader that worked with a AMD system, and but would fail to compile on a Nvidia system due to the Nvidia driver being pickier about syntax. With the shader program failing, it would default back to fixed pipeline, in which the uniform to set the color for the entire model of course would not work, and I was left with a black shape. In this case I did not recompile, and it was the same exact version of OSG on both systems.

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