[osg-users] Submission/Pull Request problems on github

Björn Blissing bjorn.blissing at vti.se
Fri May 20 05:34:50 PDT 2016

robertosfield wrote:
> Do you know what steps do members of the community need to do to fix
> things?  Perhaps we can pass instructions on via comments of each pull
> request.

Hi Robert,

Since you rewrote the entire history I had to hard reset all my branches in my forked repo. So for each branch I was had do:

git checkout master
git reset --hard upstream/master
git push origin master -f

I also tried to rebase my old pull request to the new master. But that took forever. So I resetted that branch as well and recommitted my change. But even when I force pushed this branch to my repo, the corresponding pull request did not update and is still closed.


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