[osg-users] Submission/Pull Request problems on github

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Fri May 20 00:34:19 PDT 2016

"Jannik Heller" writes:

> Hi Robert,
> by fixing the author names you have essentially re-written the
> repository history. This means that everyone who submitted
> pull-requests in the past will have to manually rebase their changes
> on top of the new history. But it's not so difficult to do that if you
> know how to use the git rebase tool.
> The github document "Changing author info" (which I assume you were looking at?) does state this caveat:
> "Note: Running this script rewrites history for all repository
> collaborators. After completing these steps, any person with forks or
> clones must fetch the rewritten history and rebase any local changes
> into the rewritten history."
> In the future you may want to avoid rewriting history (i.e. anything
> that requires a force-push) since it does cause disruption for people
> that have already sent in changes. But it's not a big deal now since
> github is not even the official submission route yet.

In addition to that, one may still recover the past state through the
reflog, and apply the recent changes on top of it.

Whether you stay with the old history or the new one is a matter of
taste, since as Jannik says, in the latter case, others can
exceptionally rebase their repositories to be synchronized again with
the official repository.


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