[osg-users] Running OSG models on OpenGLES2.0

Hyun Kwon hyun.kwon at xilinx.com
Fri Mar 11 16:48:27 PST 2016


I'm trying to run some complex OSG models from someone else on OpenGLES2. I've built the OSG with configuration as described here (slightly different for OSG versions): http://trac.openscenegraph.org/projects/osg//wiki/Community/OpenGL-ES. I've tried different versions of OSG (2.9.6, 3.0.1, 3.4.0) to make sure, and what I see is pretty much the same.

I added the precision qualifiers to the OSG model, and shaders compiled. When I run, I don't see any notable messages, even with OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL=DEBUG, but the rendered result doesn't look correct: Most of surfaces are transparent.

        GraphicsWindowX11::init() - eglInitialize() succeeded eglMajorVersion=1 iMinorVersion=4
        GraphicsWindowX11::init() - window created =1
        Warning: detected OpenGL error 'invalid enumerant' at Before Renderer::compile

In order to narrow down the problem, I'm trying some examples in OpenSceneGraph-Data. I still had to add the precision qualifiers to compile, and I don't see anything on the screen with most of examples. The glsl_simple.osgt only renders the bottom row of shapes unless I modified the vertex shader code manually.

So what I'm not sure is if OSG models are completely independent from API (OpenGL, OpenGLES,,,) because I had to add those precision qualifiers to compile. Has anyone successfully run the OSG models (from OpenSceneGraph-Data) on any OpenGLES2.0 platform without any modification? Any tips or input would be appreciated.


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