[osg-users] Problem with IncrementalCompileOperation::CompileSet::buildCompileMap in 3.5.1

George Sarkisyan George.Sarkisyan at km.kongsberg.com
Tue Mar 1 00:40:22 PST 2016


After update from 3.2.0 to 3.5.1 we found that buildCompileMap doesn't work anymore as expected.
The code of StateToCompile was changed and _markerObject appeared.

In IncrementalCompileOperation::CompileSet::buildCompileMap the 
    StateToCompile stc(mode); constructor initialize it to 0:
( StateToCompile(GLObjectsVisitor::Mode mode, osg::Object* markerObject=0);)

So most of the checks in different StateToCompile::apply methods like
if (_markerObject.get()!=drawable.getUserData())
returns false and the code is not executed.
So stc remains empty().

Maybe that object from IncrementalCompileOperation    
_markerObject = new osg::DummyObject;

should be used for initialization?

Thank you!


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