[osg-users] osg to collada

Chris Hanson xenon at alphapixel.com
Wed Mar 30 07:17:53 PDT 2016

Yeah, I had a client that did this (in reverse).

You don't really need it statically linked unless you want an EXE that has
no dependent DLLs. My client just used a build of OSG that was made with
the COLLADA plugin, and OSGconv's DAE models into OSGB. Another client of
mine did use the OSG COLLADA plugin for saving successfully, but they did
it from within their full app, not just using osgconv.

So, it should work either way.

Building OSG with COLLADA can be an exercise in frustration due to the
difficulty of building a specific version of COLLADA-DOM from source, and
the fact that only certain versions of the same library are available
pre-built. But it can be done.
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