[osg-users] osg to collada

Christian Buchner christian.buchner at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 02:25:39 PDT 2016

A statically linked osgconv binary with the required DAE and OSG2 plug-ins
activated should do the trick. See the osgstaticviewer example for the
required preprocessor macros to activate statically linked plug-ins.


2016-03-30 9:41 GMT+02:00 Joe Kindle <seganom at gmail.com>:

> Hey :)
> I'm looking for a simple way to convert osgb file to .dae file, in a
> computer that which doesn't have osg environment installed.
> In other words, I want to build an .exe file that gets .osgb file and
> converts it to .dae file
> Thanks!:)
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