[osg-users] Whether is Wince support OSG to use?

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 04:40:15 PDT 2016


On 28 March 2016 at 02:08, 韩志平 <hanzhiping at siasun.com> wrote:

>    HI:
>        When I use osg, It cannot open include file’GL/gl.h’;NO such file
> or directory.
>   System:Wince
>   Tool: VS20008
>   Language:VC++
>   API:SDKV1.0

I haven't any experience with WinCE and don't recall members of the
community attempting it, but they may well have.  In principle if WinCE
supports Standard C++ and OpenGL it should be possible to get the core
scene graph and most of the plugins compiling.  It may be that the build
system would require some tweaks to support WinCE, but as there isn't an
active part of the community around OSG and WInCE you'll likely need to do
this yourself.

For the particular problem of GL/gl.h not being found, it could be that
configuring the build with ccmake or CMakeSetup so that you explicitly set
the path to the GL/gl.h would be sufficient.  If you are able to fix this
then it's likely other 3rd party components such as image libraries could
also require some manually setting of include and library paths if these
dependencies are located in non standard places.

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