[osg-users] [build] Installing OSG as a submodule and CMake's add_subdirectory?

Vincent Ellis vincent at linuxmail.org
Mon Jan 25 15:32:39 PST 2016

I really dislike the idea of having to install an SDK or a library to start working on my projects. That's why i usually add libraries as submodules on my git projects and use CMake to statically link them to my application. Here's a similar workflow:

github: Polytonic/Glitter

Bullet, Assimp, GLFW and others are added as submodules and, when i CMake my project, they get built and linked together. Much easier for everyone involved, self-contained and modular. Anyway, i've been looking for a way to do this with OSG without any luck. The whole building process seems very complex. Is there any way to achieve a similar workflow with this engine?

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