[osg-users] Hide mouse cursor from CameraManipulator

Bernard Dalton blangel at hotmail.fr
Fri Jan 8 01:19:01 PST 2016

I am working on my own cameraManipulator, it's working pretty well but I'd like to hide the cursor with specific event (clic and drag with left button and clic with right button).

I know the function GraphicsWindow::useCursor(bool) and it's working well.
But here I need to call it from inside my CameraManipulator class, and I don't find any way to acces the GraphicWindow object, or the Viewer object.

I'd like to avoid adding another eventHandler in the class which create the viewer because it's a big project and I don't have write permission on this file.

So, is there any way to get the Viewer object from inside a CameraManipulator class ?

Thank you!

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