[osg-users] Master renders with OpenGL error on OSX

Stev Kookmal steva44 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 30 03:54:23 PST 2016

Hi guys,

Any luck on finding out what is causing this error?  I am also getting it out on my 2016 MacBook Pro running OSX Sierra when compiling the latest Dec. 23rd commit.  No problem on my Windows machine.  I also tried compiling on my 2013 MacBook Air with the same results and errors.  I did not have it when I was using OSG3.4.

In addition to this:

Warning: detected OpenGL error 'invalid operation' at after RenderBin::draw(..) 

That comes up continuously over and over again in my compile output, I also get this:

dynamic_cast error 1: Both of the following type_info's should have public visibility.  At least one of them is hidden. NSt3__115basic_streambufIcNS_11char_traitsIcEEEE, N3osg18NotifyStreamBufferE.

Not sure if this has something to do with it.

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