[osg-users] Building KdTrees

Ale Maro sasha71 at teletu.it
Tue Dec 6 08:54:53 PST 2016


may be this is a trivial question but I am not sure how to enable KdTrees and DatabasePager on a scene.
I have my own file reader (not derived from OSG ReaderWriter class) and I create directly the geometries.
May be I misunderstood but it seems the KdTree it is not built automatically even if I call 

osgDB::Registry::instance()>setBuildKdTreesHint(osgDB::Options::BUILD_KDTREES )

Do I need to use KdTreeBuilder explicitly or there is a way to build KdTree automatically? Is it built automatically using OSG I/O plugins?
What about DatabasePager?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

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