[osg-users] System requirements for OpenSceneGraph

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Wed Dec 28 12:42:33 PST 2016

"Nikita Petrov" writes:

> I've googled a lot and I can't find any info about OpenGL or graphic card requirements for OSG.

Yes, because it pretty much depends on what your code is doing and in
which hardware it is executing.  I would dare to say that there are not
any minimum requirements for OSG as long as your platform has any kind
of OpenGL implementation available.

> The question is - is it possible to run OSG and osgEarth on GeForce
> MX440 (OpenGL 1.5)? Or I shouldn't spend time on debugging this
> problem?

As you found, if your driver/hardware does not support any specific
OpenGL feature, a warning is issued for each error, but the program
continues as it is not usually fatal.  Most of the time failing commands
do not make anything.

If what you see on the screen satisfies you, I would not try to debug
that problem in more depth.  If not, you can use a GL debugger/tracer
and catch the exact point in the code that triggers the warning in the
hope that you can change it to have it working.


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