[osg-users] Material Properties to Change the Normal Intensity

Rômulo Cerqueira romulogcerqueira at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 14:56:36 PST 2016

Hi Sebastian,

> Are you planning on using the bump-maps alpha channel, or which alpha do you plan to use.

I wanna to pass a reflectance value to be multiplied by the normal map (normNormal in fragment shader) to simulate real situations. For example, a steel cube (e.g. reflectance = 1.12) should reflect more than a plastic cube (e.g. reflectance = 0.6) for a real sonar. In this case, I need to pass this "reflectance" value to shader for each object present in the scene.

> What kind of input geometries do you use? Are the objects with the different reflectances models or can one model have multiple parts with different reflectance values?

Any kind of geometries: cubes, spheres, cones, structures... Initially all parts of the same object will have an unique reflectance model.



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