[osg-users] Open Scene Graph 3.4.0 has bug when using two monitor setup

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 08:49:54 PST 2016


>   The stack trace below is the one I promised to send from work.  This system is a 8 core I7 Dell laptop running windows 7.  I am using the standard setting from the 3.4 developer release.  I have been working with osgEarth for a while and thought the crashes were coming from that but discovered the same thing when running osgViewer.  I had several issues getting Cmake to create valid solutions with osg 3.3.7 so I moved to the latest version to avoid wasting time on an old release.  I have been away from OSG for a while so  I can not say when the issue first came up.  The errors in the list are different from what I was seeing before but I did do a full rebuild to see if that fixed anything.  No matter where the crash is it always seems to be in an area of code related to threads.  Yes I do see graphic frames updated before the crash sometime it stays up longer than others before crashing.  I never have the crash though if I force single threading.  I think the code tree I am
>   using if from 17 Nov. 2016.  As I recall we did not have any problems with version 3.2 but I do not have that version to go back and run the test.

Thanks for the strack trace.  Alas still no good lead on what might be
the cause of the problem.

When your say 3.4 developer release it muddies the water a bit as it
mixes terminology and versions so I'm clear which version you are
working with.  For even point release like 3.4.x are all stable
releases, while uneven point versions like 3.5.x are all developer

Would it be possible for you test test OSG git master?


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