[osg-users] Rendering in-scene camera from different cameras

Riccardo Corsi riccardo.corsi at kairos3d.it
Thu Aug 4 04:10:22 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I have an in-scene POST camera to render a GUI.
I don't specify anything regarding its RenderTargetImplementation and it
renders to the frame buffer as expected.

Now I have to render the same scene + GUI with an FBO camera: I attach as
slave to the viewer specifying to use the same scene the main viewer camera.

As expected, the in-scene camera gets invoked for drawing both from the
main viewer camera and the slave one (verified with a debug callback).
Unfortunately its contents don't get rendered only for the main camera, not
for the slave one.

Should I setup the POST camera in some custom way to work both with the
main (rendering to the Frame Buffer) and the slave (rendering to FBO)?
Does the in-scene camera "inherit" the current render target from the top
camera attached to the viewer?

Thank you,
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