[osg-users] Force redraw of PagedLOD nodes

Simone Rapposelli simone.rapposelli at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 06:49:23 PDT 2016


I am trying to force the redraw of PagedLOD nodes.
My need is to change the color of these nodes when the user push a button, but the only way I get it is to use the following hack:
1) set new position far from the current, using viewer->getCameraManipulator()->setHomePosition...
2) execute viewer->frame() to update the viewer
3) set the original position viewer->getCameraManipulator()->setHomePosition

It seems like the DatabasePager keeps a cache (or something similar) that I don't know if and how to clear, in order to redraw the scene. 
I don't think my method is the right way, moreover sometimes (but I don't know why...) the view is not refreshed. Sorry for my possible confusion, but can you please give me some hints?


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