[osg-users] osgsimplegl3 example, is it possible to run on some combination of OSG and OSX?

Curtis Rubel crubel at compro.net
Mon Aug 1 04:52:29 PDT 2016

Hi Robert,

I will continue to monitor the forum then and when I see some
updates to the Vertex Array Object I will update my Mac system and
retest things using the OSG GL examples again to see if things are
working any better.  Hopefully one of the other OSX guru's will be
able to take a look as well, I am not much more that a general user
on OSX, just enough to test and verify whether our latest OpenIG
project works on it or not.  Our Forward Plus lighting plugin requires
some of  the GL3 API to be available.  I am hopeful that if
the osgsimplegl3 example runs successfully, then OpenIG's Forward
Plus lighting system should be OK too on the Mac.  Right now its
running pretty well on Linux and Windows systems already.

Thank you,


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