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wang dexing wangdexingit at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 19:34:49 PDT 2016

Hi Robert,
Thank you for your reply,it is a tricky way to use 'vao' in 'RenderLeaf'.

> Furthermore, the strongest affinity that VAO's have is with vertex arrays and vertex buffer objects, which in the OSG's case are tied to osg::Geometry.

I think it is a little rigid,there may be the situation that we use 'vbo' out of the Geometry,for example,'arrays' of 'status information'(maybe we can use 'uniform',but I think more choices could be better,then we can do a lot of expansion),or user's custom data which is not suitable in Geometry.
In order to increase its expansibility,I'd like to add an extension layer above Geometry(Drawable).'RenderLeaf' act as the role in my previous work,of course I extended many classes and changed their usage to support my work.
Many of my ideas and my words may be wrong or lack of consideration,so I hope you can point out my mistakes.
I would be very happy to contribute my strength to osg.

Thank you!


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