[osg-users] [build] GStreamer linker error on OSX El Capitan

Chris Thomas cthomas at soasta.com
Fri Aug 12 04:28:53 PDT 2016


My use case is, I want to add OpenGL functionality to an existing API that actually uses OpenGL. The issue is, that API does not offer very deep 3D support, beyond making 2D media objects in a 3D space. We want/need to create 3D objects, textures etc, so we want to host OpenGL apps via OSG.

So.. in truth, Im guessing 90% of the plugins OSG can provide, could be disabled, at least until we KNOW we need them 100%. After all, compiling OSG on OSX with all plugins enabled, appears to be pretty hard right now, as its not widely used / supported on OSX it seems.

So.. once I have OSG working in our app, as a proof of concept, I also have to get it to compile on Ubuntu 14 + 16. Ill cross that bridge when I come to it though...

I wonder if there is a definitive lists of the plugins that can be disabled? I really want to start with the core OSG, prove it can integrate with our main API and then build from there.

Thank you!


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