[osg-users] Generate geometry from a digital elevation model

Christian Buchner christian.buchner at gmail.com
Thu May 21 00:24:00 PDT 2015


I am currently wondering which is the better way to go from a simple
digital elevation model (ESRI ASCII Grid format) to a geometry. The model
has a very limited area and resolution.

These are the two methods I find feasible with stock OSG features:

Either I could feed all the 3D points on the grid into the
osgUtil::DelaunayTriangulator. However I noticed this class generates
normals that require a BIND_PER_PRIMITIVE - possibly causing a fallback to
the slow rendering path.

Alternatively I could put the data into an osg::HeightField and use a
ShapeDrawable to display it.

Which of the two methods is perferable from a performance standpoint? What
I would like to get is a bit of a simplification of the geometry, where
larger triangles are used in areas with less surface features. Which of the
two methods can provide this?

I do not want to use osgEarth, as it is a bit too big in scope for my
purpose and it has a lot of extra dependencies.

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