[osg-users] DatabasePager frezzing fps

Leandro Linardos leandro.linardos at gmail.com
Sun May 31 12:00:13 PDT 2015


Thanks gwaldron for the quickly answer. I added IncrementalCompileOperation to the viewer but it didn't help.

Some new data:

I found the bottleneck. Performance get stucked in the  GeometryTechnique::generateGeometry method, called by the TerrainTile::init() when the tile is dirty.

Debugging, the first origin of this call comes from the lines:
                DatabasePager::FindCompileableGLObjectsVisitor stateToCompile(_pager);
in osgDB::DatabasePager::DatabaseThread::run(), after loading the node.

If I avoid firing the init in this point (commenting the lines in the TerrainTile), the init is called in the update traversal but kills the performance in the same way. 

The data variance of the tile is DYNAMIC.

Am I skipping something?

Thank you!


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