[osg-users] error build

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu May 28 03:03:19 PDT 2015

Hi Joshua,

On 28 May 2015 at 10:46, Joshua Robinson <shooki.robinson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Linux Mint 16.

I've not used Linix Mint, and it's not one that gets mentioned on the
mailing list/forum, so I don't know if usually users don't have
problems, or perhaps it's just not tried that often, build problems
under Linux aren't usually a significant issue, and when they do occur
it tends to be with older release that the dependencies are very old,
or so new that we haven't had a chance to test against them yet.

In your case I don't know what might be amiss so we'll need to work
through the options.  First up because it's a configuration issue it
could be that cmake itself is causing problems, or something unusually
about the headers installed that is causing problems.

What version of cmake are you using?

Have you compiled any other projects with cmake on your system?

FYI, Kubunty 15.04 that I'm using has cmake 3.0.2.  Previously I've
used the cmake 2.6.x and 2.8.x series, the OSG-3.2 branch should work
fine with all of these in theory.

The other thing to investigate is whether cmake can provide you with
additional information about why it has a configuration error as right
now there doesn't seem any obvious clues to what is causing the


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