[osg-users] Forcing a scene to rebind textures

Philippe Renon philippe_renon at yahoo.fr
Mon May 11 15:28:39 PDT 2015

scrawl wrote:
> Hi filnet,
> there is one missing step in your code - you said you have a detached subgraph. The OSG does not hold any pointers to detached subgraphs, so it can't do the cleanup on its own. Only your application knows where those subgraphs are stored.
> Jannik

Hi Jannik,

The subgraph is supposed to be reattached before the big cleanup.
I am looking in the code for such cached subgraph but can't find any. 
The only cached object I found is a NodeCallback that gets attached to the camera.

I tried to simplify my scene to the extreme.
I removed the SkyNode that was used and now I have only an osgearth map in the scene. 
With that change the immediate crash is gone but the "enumerant" error is still there.
On the second use of the scene, the textures "visited" by zommiing around show up black. Zooming further will eventually cause "new" previously not shown textures to appear correctly.

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