[osg-users] Problem with MFC example in 3.4.0

Cory Riddell cory at codeware.com
Fri Dec 11 07:13:10 PST 2015

Hello again!

I'm working on an MFC application and I'm having trouble with the latest

I downloaded the 3.4.0 source code and built it with VS2015. Everything
went smoothly but I've been having trouble with the MFC example (the
others that I've tried work fine). When I load the cow (for example), it
renders correctly but the drawable area is shifted up and to the right,
leaving a band along the left and bottom edges where nothing is drawn. I
wasn't able to figure out what's going on, so I downloaded a fresh copy
of the 3.2.3 source code and built that with the exact same compiler
settings and it works just fine. Thinking something in the MFC example
may have changed, I built the 3.2.3 MFC example against the 3.4.0
libraries and it still leaves the blank areas, so I believe the problem
is not with the MFC example.

I took a screenshot of the two version running and posted it here:

If I drag the cow in the 3.4.0 version, the black bands are colored blue
but the cow doesn't render in that area

I also noticed that if I open the file with the application very close
to the top left of my (single) monitor, the bands are very narrow. If I
open the file with the application farther away, the bands are larger.
If I go all the way to the bottom right corner and open the file, the
entire OSG window is black and I can't see the cow.

Where should I be looking in the 3.4.0 code for problems?

Cory Riddell

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