[osg-users] _intersectionLimit doesn't seem to be working...

Shayne Tueller shayne.tueller at hill.af.mil
Thu Aug 13 07:07:15 PDT 2015

So...I figured out why I was not getting just one intersection returned for my LOS tests. Apparently when KdTrees are enabled, intersectionLimit is ignored in the LineSegmentIntersector. When I turned off KdTrees, I got just one intersection returned but it is still abysmally slow compared with using KdTrees. This suggests that time spent traversing the scenegraph is the bottleneck vs. traversing KdTrees.

That being said, KdTrees is still unacceptably slow when doing lots of visibility LOS tests on terrain.

My next question is, is there a way to limit the number of intersections returned when using KdTrees like there is for the conventional case? Optimally, I would like to get the nearest intersection (or even just one intersection) from the start point and then have the intersector bail out to save time.

Any help or input would be appreciated...


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