[osg-users] hud camera not saving in the osgb file extension osg3.3.7

Roni Zanolli roni at compro.net
Tue Apr 28 07:57:27 PDT 2015


I tried to save the osghud example to a osgb file and when I tried to open
the saved file using osgviewer the truck model is there but not the hud group is not. However if I save the file to a osg or osgt file everything works fine.

I have osg 3.3.7 developer release

   below where I have add the writeNodeFile call to the osghud example:

        // add the HUD subgraph.
        if (scene.valid()) group->addChild(scene.get());

        osgDB::writeNodeFile(*group, "hud.osgb");
        // set the scene to render

 Any ideas?

Thank you!


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