[osg-users] hud camera not saving in the osgb file extension osg3.3.7

Roni Zanolli roni at compro.net
Thu Apr 30 10:50:37 PDT 2015

H Robert,

I have tested this problem and I figured out the problem is at 
_inheritanceMask located at CullSettings which when loading the osgb file is missing the bits for DRAW_BUFFER and  READ_BUFFER.
Unlike the osg and osgt files during the load of osgb file it calls a function
Camera::setRenderTargetImplementation(RenderTargetImplementation impl)
and there the bits are missing after it was initially set to 0x7FFFFFFF by

I'm not sure if the problem is happening when it is writing or reading the osgb 
file yet.

I'm running on macosx but we are also having the same problem on a Linux

Do you have any idea?

Thank you!


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