[osg-users] Orthographic projection and LOD nodes

Mike Connell michael.connell at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 06:12:38 PDT 2015


I have a problem viewing a PagedLOD terrain database together with a
top-down bird's eye orthographic projection.

Since the tiles furthest from the center of the screen are further from the
eye point, they are rendered at a lower LOD level (the database uses the
DISTANCE_FROM_EYE_POINT RangeMode). What I would like to achieve is a
constant LOD scale across the entire view for a given ortho zoom level /

Has anyone come across - and solved this problem before?

My idea so far involves fiddling with the CullVisitor - basically
counteracting the effect of the distance to eyepoint calculation by
modifying the LOD bias in the opposite direction. I am not 100% sure this
is feasible, or necessary, or ideal.

Is there a simpler solution?


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