[osg-users] Android osgPlugins

Christian Kehl Christian.Kehl at uni.no
Fri Apr 24 07:13:30 PDT 2015

Christian Kehl <Christian.Kehl at ...> writes:

> Hi Jan,
> so, yeah, I added in line 35 of OpenSceneGraph/include/osg/GLDefines the line:
> typedef GLfloat GLdouble;
> Now GLES1 compiles. I get back to you with news after that is done.

So, compilation is done. Now, the readme of osgAndroid says:
"... but the JNI part needs to be compiled using the Android NDK."
How should this be done ? If the old invocation of ndk-build via
the command line is deprecated, how else shall it be done ?

In OpenCV, one has the OpenCV manager to load a certain version, plus the
linked compilation of dependent sub-project - how is the building process in
Eclipse for the osgAndroid ?

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