[osg-users] Android osgPlugins

Christian Kehl Christian.Kehl at uni.no
Fri Apr 24 06:18:02 PDT 2015

Jan Ciger <jan.ciger at ...> writes:

> On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 12:09 AM, Christian Kehl <Christian.Kehl <at>
uni.no> wrote:just switching the -DOPENGL_PROFILE flag to GLES2 did have no
> on the error. So, I added the old flags to enforce GLES2 built.
> successfully.
> Um, if you force the OSG build to be done using GLES2 I think the
osgAndroid code will not work correctly (different way of handling shaders).
That warning in the README is not there for fun. 
> The real question is why you are getting those compilation errors with
GLES1. I have checked my old NDK r8d and I don't have those declarations
(glDouble, the matrix functions using doubles) neither. That looks like an
error in the OSG headers, because those things are not supported in OpenGL
ES 1 so the code shouldn't be trying to compile them. Alternatively it
should typedef GLfloat to GLdouble.
> J.

Hi Jan,

so, yeah, I added in line 35 of OpenSceneGraph/include/osg/GLDefines the line:

typedef GLfloat GLdouble;

Now GLES1 compiles. I get back to you with news after that is done.

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