[osg-users] [SOLVED] PNG Library Crashing - 32 vs 64 bit mismatch possible

Sebastian Messerschmidt sebastian.messerschmidt at gmx.de
Tue Apr 14 23:40:08 PDT 2015

Hi Dave

>Yes, I linked to those libraries intentionally, since cmake seemed to detect a 32-bit architecture. Since I have a 64-bit OS, I'd like to figure out how to get cmake to detect the appropriate architecture. >Thats a low priority for me right now, and I posted the real reason for the crash above. Thanks for your response.

You will have to pick the compiler and thus the architecture you want to 
build for. After cleaning a cmake-cache the GUI will ask you which 
compiler you prefer. (so use 64bit if you like too)
Unfortunately you still have to pick the correct 3rd-party lib depending 
on you target architecture.  The only important thing is to use 64bit 
external libraries if you're building for 64bit.
 From there everything is automatic ...


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