[osg-users] How to install libraries into lib64 instead of lib?

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Thu Sep 30 07:05:04 PDT 2021

It's the parameter LIB_POSTFIX, so you could call

cmake -DLIB_POSTFIX=64

although it is the default, I wonder why it's not the case for you.

Eric Sokolowsky writes:

> I'm building OpenSceneGraph 3.6.5 for Fedora 34. The cmake build
> system installs libraries into lib though I want it to install them
> into lib64 (this is under the base installation
> directory). I'm not familiar enough with cmake to fix this, though I
> have poked around in the cmake files to try to do this. Can anyone
> give me some pointers or help? 64-bit libraries
> should go in lib64 for Linux, generally.


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