[osg-users] Step by step addDrawable and visualize current scene graph

'Paul Jurczak' via OpenSceneGraph Users osg-users at googlegroups.com
Sun Mar 21 17:31:38 PDT 2021

I'm just starting with OSG. I would like this (or similar) code: 

    int main() {
      osgViewer::Viewer viewer;
      osg::Geode*       geode = new osg::Geode();
      geode->addDrawable(new osg::ShapeDrawable(new 
osg::Sphere(osg::Vec3(0, 0, 0), 1)));
      geode->addDrawable(new osg::ShapeDrawable(new 
osg::Sphere(osg::Vec3(2, 0, 0), 1)));
      return viewer.run();

to display the first sphere and after 2s the second sphere, but it displays 
a blank screen for 2s instead and 2 spheres afterwards. What do I have to 

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