[osg-users] Building OSG on Ubuntu 20.04 with GLCORE profile

Scott scttgs0 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 21:12:31 PDT 2021

Hi Steve,

Here's the configuration that I've been using...


With a clean CMAKE config, it will set the defaults... (purge all the 
OSG_xxx items if they already have values assigned)

OPENGL_HEADER1=#include <GL/glcorearb.h>


On 4/5/21 12:20 PM, Hardy Family wrote:
> The GtkGLArea widget in GTK3.24 requires GLCORE profile, so the 
> standard Ubuntu/Debian openscenegraph package will not work as it is 
> compiled with GL2 profile.  Unfortunately, my application uses Gtk so 
> I am now forced to get it working.  So I loaded the source package 
> (openscenegraph 3.6.4) and tried to build it.
> First, with default configuration, except added
> to stop the warning about having multiple library choices. This uses 
> GL2 profile, and after building, osgviewer works fine.
> Next, selected OPENGL_PROFILE "GLCORE" and also turned off all 
> "available" except OSG_GL3_AVAILABLE.  Make clean then make again, and 
> now osgviewer only shows an empty scene for the same test file.
> Is there something else I have to do in the build?  (I'm not yet even 
> to the point of testing with Gtk).
> Interestingly, on the Raspberry Pi 4, which also runs Gtk3.24, my code 
> is working fine with the standard distribution package, so I know it 
> can be done.  On the Pi, OSG is version 3.2.3.
> I don't mind a custom solution for this.  Normally we don't want to 
> stray too far from standard distro, but our application is a machine 
> controller so we supply and maintain the PC as well.
> Regards,
> Steve
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