[osg-users] Building OSG on Ubuntu 20.04 with GLCORE profile

Hardy Family hardy.woodland.cypress at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 10:20:08 PDT 2021

The GtkGLArea widget in GTK3.24 requires GLCORE profile, so the standard 
Ubuntu/Debian openscenegraph package will not work as it is compiled with 
GL2 profile.  Unfortunately, my application uses Gtk so I am now forced to 
get it working.  So I loaded the source package (openscenegraph 3.6.4) and 
tried to build it.

First, with default configuration, except added 
to stop the warning about having multiple library choices.  This uses GL2 
profile, and after building, osgviewer works fine.

Next, selected OPENGL_PROFILE "GLCORE" and also turned off all "available" 
except OSG_GL3_AVAILABLE.  Make clean then make again, and now osgviewer 
only shows an empty scene for the same test file.

Is there something else I have to do in the build?  (I'm not yet even to 
the point of testing with Gtk).

Interestingly, on the Raspberry Pi 4, which also runs Gtk3.24, my code is 
working fine with the standard distribution package, so I know it can be 
done.  On the Pi, OSG is version 3.2.3.

I don't mind a custom solution for this.  Normally we don't want to stray 
too far from standard distro, but our application is a machine controller 
so we supply and maintain the PC as well.


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