[osg-users] Placing OSG graphics in an FLTK Fl_Gl_Window

Robert Kiser rkiser at k2engineeringinc.com
Fri Apr 2 20:15:24 PST 2021

My apologies in advance if what I am asking for is either preposterous or 

I was wanting to use the FLTK forms package as a frontend for for a 
visualization of a finite element (FEA) model using osg as the rendering 

As a start, I was able to get the provided example code: osgviewerFLTK 
compiled, linked and running and it did well.  (Did this on Windows 10 
using Visual Studio 2019)  But, as per design, it creates its own window.

What I was hoping to do was create a simple FLTK form and place an 
Fl_Gl_Window on it and then have osg place the rendering in that window (or 
some similar FLTK widget).  That way, using buttons, menus, etc. I could 
control the rendering to my liking.

I have already done something similar using a VB.Net form with a C++ DLL 
backend, but was wanting to transition to an all C++ solution and how to do 
it with FLTK presently escapes me.

I was hoping that one of the members here had already plowed that ground 
and could post a bare-bones example of how they did it.

Your help would be most appreciated.


Bob Kiser

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