[osg-users] How can I know the number of GUIEventAdapter::USER in the message queue for GUIEventHandler?

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Sat Nov 28 03:12:16 PST 2020

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> Is there a problem with adding or removing OSG nodes directly in the Qt
> Widget events?

If your application is running single threaded then adding/removing objects
from the scene graph should not be an issue.  It'll only be something to be
careful about when the application is multi-threaded.  The Qt aspect should
not have any bearing on the operation as long as race condition isn't

> My idea is to send OSG USER events to complete the operation of adding and
> removing OSG nodes.

Technically you could do it, I don't know why you think it's useful, it's
not something I know of others doing.  This is entirely something your
application will be doing, you can't ask use about how your code works or
doesn't work.

 Perhaps a far better thing to do would be to take a big step back and
rather aks about implementation details on a "solution" to a problem you've
dreamed up and only lives in your code, tell us about what you want your
application to do at a high level,  Perhaps then we can just tell you what
is normally done in this situation.
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