[osg-users] I want to know whether a line and a point intersect.

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Tue Nov 17 21:19:27 PST 2020

*I wrote it using a translator. Please understand if there is any 
awkwardness in the sentence.*

One object is moving in the path A -> B, B->C, C-D (using AnimationPath).

And I need to know in what path the moving object is moving.

I think you need to know if the line and point intersect to figure this out.
I thought I should use LineSegmentIntersection to check whether a line and 
a point intersect.
I found the part in LineSegmentIntersection that sets the line (path) 
coordinates, but I don't find a function to check if the 
LineSegmentIntersection and point intersect.

osg::Vec3d start(128.0, 37.0, 250);       //wgs84, longitude, latitude, 
osg::Vec3d end(128.0, 37.0005, 750);  //wgs84, longitude, latitude, altitude

osg::ref_ptr<osg::Utill::LineSegmentIntersector> lis = NULL;
lis = new osgEarth::DPLineSegmentIntersector(start, end)
osgUtill::IntersectionVisitor iv(lis.get())


osg::ref_ptr<osg::Node> node = _node

I tried running it in the same way as above, but there was no true result 
even though the object coordinates belong to the line coordinates.
  I think the part of setting the point coordinates in that code is wrong. 
How do I set the point coordinates to get the desired result?

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