[osg-users] How to debug this SIGSEGV

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Tue May 26 07:04:31 PDT 2020

Thank you, Alberto. I am adding and removing nodes from the scene in real 
time. Is that a problem?

As for Valgrind, please see my response to Brett, replicated here: 
"Unfortunately, because the application interacts with external sensors in 
real time, running Valgrind is nearly impossible because of how slow it 
makes the application run, thereby causing timing issues with the sensors 
that prevent required operations from finishing (required to replicate the 

But I appreciate your suggestion.

On Monday, May 25, 2020 at 11:13:17 AM UTC-5, OpenSceneGraph Users wrote:
> Hi, Erik.  Could it be that you are adding and/or removing entities in 
> your scene at run time? 
> Have you used valgrind?  It will be very slow, but can shed some light 
> about the issue. 
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> Alberto 
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