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> One issue I encountered with pragmatic shader comp was related to
> CompileVisitor. Looks like CompileVisitor does not know much about
> pragmatic defines and applies Shaders without actually substituting proper
> values to defines. In some cases this resulted in error logs while
> compiling shaders. These shaders are later compiled correctly when applied
> in Render stage. But if someone checks logs for shader compilation results
> it may encounter these errors.

I've seen this problem, and I think I did some work to improve things.
It's while back though... been focused on new fangled low level graphics
APIs long enough now that I have to go chasing git histories to figure out
what was done when.  If my vague memory is correct there is chance that in
the 3.6.x set the problem with compilation side has been improved.

As a general note, unless you really need something from the OSG master I'd
stick with one of the 3.6.x stable releases.  These have all the testing
done on them.  Master has lots of experiment stuff that hasn't been tested
and debugged like the stable releases.
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