[osg-users] Adding billboards with different names under the same geometry?

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Thu May 21 01:48:15 PDT 2020

Hi Rodrigo,

from my understanding the number of Billboards, each an individual instance, is not
the problem in OSG. The cull traversal has to handle it independant of being an individual
instance or being a single instance, reused after a transform. So you can create them and give names to them.
The important point is the resource of the icons. You should load them externally and assign them to the billboards
by using their pointers. This will ensure OSG will keep only one instance of each kind of icon.

- Werner -

Am 21.05.2020 um 10:11 schrieb OpenSceneGraph Users:
> Thank you for your reply, Robert, but one of us is not understanding the other.
> "if you are reuse the same subgraph the node above the reused part like the osg::Billboard is what is unique so put your unique name on that"
> Actually, I have only one osg::Billboard (geodeHidreletrica) for hundreds of hydroelectric dam icons (thus hundreds of different names). Should I have hundreds of billboards?
> Hundreds of quads/geometries? I don't quite get how addDrawable copies the icons to different places using (what seems to be) a single osg::Geometry. In which object exactly
> should I put each different name?
> Thanks again,
> Rodrigo.
> On Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 3:30:32 AM UTC-3, OpenSceneGraph Users wrote:
>     If the approach is producing good enough performance then I'd stick with it.  It's a long way from the most optimal way you could do this type of task, but all the
>     alternatives are more complicated and require deeper understanding of OSG/OpenGL/shaders. I'll not attempt to make suggestions as you should only ever make solutions more
>     complicated if you really have to.
>     As for giving the objects different names, all objects in the scene graph support setName/getName, if you are reuse the same subgraph the node above the reused part like the
>     osg::Billboard is what is unique so put your unique name on that nodes.  The intersection traversal will return the whole NodePath to the intersected drawable so you just
>     need to check the NodePath to find all the associated names.
>     Robert.
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