[osg-users] [3rdparty] How to change camera's yaw and pitch, and move front, back and sideways according to that?

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Tue May 12 10:22:43 PDT 2020

Hi Sam,

I managed to implement my own manipulator (OVNIController, derived from 
FirstPersonManipulator), but still can't change the camera position (I want 
to change it in the beginning of the program, and also when the user press 
the Home key).

You can see my code here: 


On Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 12:58:17 PM UTC-2, Sam Brkopac wrote:
> Hi Rodrigo, 
> The Camera::setViewMatrixLookAt function is equivalent to the gluLookAt. 
> You can find more documentation on the inner workings here (
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21830340/understanding-glmlookat). 
> If you don't set a camera manipulator prior to viewer.run() and move the 
> camera the results will be lost due to viewer.run() setting up its own 
> manipulator and overriding your initial setup. You have a few options: 
> assign the camera manipulator -> update the manipulator -> call home(1) to 
> force an update. Don't call viewer.run() and implement the loop yourself 
> (this will prevent a manipulator from getting set and allowing you to 
> freely manually manipulate the camera). Implement your own manipulator and 
> set it before you call viewer.run(). 
> If you have a specific question regarding one of the manipulators, please 
> ask. 
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