[osg-users] How to get current position of osgViewer camera

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Tue May 12 01:52:49 PDT 2020

I managed to do that inside the `handle` method:

    osg::Vec3d eyePos;
    osg::Matrix matrix = _viewer->getCameraManipulator()->getMatrix();
    eyePos = matrix.getTrans();
    lat = eyePos.y();
    lon = eyePos.x();
    alt = eyePos.z();

On Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 3:21:20 PM UTC-3, Paul Leopard wrote:
> I want to query osgViewer to get the current camera position (Note: not 
> the home position). As I move around in a scene I want to know the current 
> coordinates of my eyepoint so that I can save it to a configuration file so 
> that the next time I run my app I can read that position and set it as the 
> home position. 
> How can I simply get the current eye position (same coordinate frame as 
> the home position is specified in). 
> Thanks in advance, 
> Paul 
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