[osg-users] Animated FBX models not showing

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Mon May 11 09:16:02 PDT 2020

I'm struggling with loading animated FBX that I export from Blender. 
Nothing is visible, but it seems like something is loaded as I do see the 
correct number of vertices in the stats overlay. Exporting the model 
without animations works fine, and the fbx file looks fine in the FBX 

I'm getting "An update callback has no name, it means it could link only 
with "" named Target, often an error, discard" logs, but I'm not sure why 
some of the boneAnimations are without a name. I have tried with this (
https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/animated-cartoon-skeleton-9550b93d28354568adceb360981caa1b) free 
model from SketchFab, and same result, an empty viewport (in osgViewer and 
in osgAnimationViewer) 
After some digging I think the problem is that the bounds of the object are 
not calculated correctly, and that's why I don't see anything, but I might 
be wrong. Has anyone experienced the same problem before, or is there 
something wrong with the models?

OSG Version: 3.6.4 (tried 3.4.0 as well)
FBX SDK 2020.0.1

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